Kathryn's Radical Remission Retreats:

"WOW!!!  What a fabulous retreat you created for us. Thank you so much for all your efforts.  You selected the perfect setting, provided excellent material in such attractive folders and led us through Radical Remission in a most professional, compassionate and timely manner. My whole being was uplifted." Felice R.

“Thank you for all your hard work and super presentation. It was on point from check in to

the final goodbyes.” Angela C.

“I will never ever be able to thank you enough for inviting me to participate in the amazing experience this past weekend.  The hard-learned work you shared, the space, the wonderful, wonderful women you invited, the "visitors", the energy, I could go on and on! I just wanted to let you know on a personal level how powerful this work is. I am feeling that I have been infected (in a great way) by all of the work that you have done!!  And am not only forever grateful for your friendship and for meeting you all those years ago in the Artist Way workshops but also for being able to have received the energy and the compassion from all of our sisters who are on the same journey to spiritual unity that we were fortunate enough to be witness to and share in these last two days.”  Sally R.

“Thank you, Kathryn for a beautifully enriching, encouraging and enlightening weekend! You are an excellent facilitator! 

Beside learning many news things, the warmth and love of ALL of you was touching.”  Kim A.

“I am still trying to put into words my gratitude to each and every one of you for our amazing weekend.  Kathryn, thank you for making it happen. I am so honored to be a part of your journey. You are an inspiration. Everyone's openness and sharing created such a loving, caring environment, one of total acceptance. I found it to be so healing,

as well as informative. Thank you.”  Kathy B.

“It was truly a special weekend between all that I learned and the soulful sharing. Thank you to my old and new friends. Kathryn you gave so much of yourself to us and I feel we were able to give to you as well.

Isn’t that what life is all about!”  Martha H.

“I so enjoyed sharing the wonderful retreat with you. I learned much and felt comforted and connected to all of you at the same time. I feel so fortunate and am delighted to be able to continue our connection.” Debby S.

“SO happy for you, Kathryn.  You have found your way to self- actualization. I will be thinking of you as you

journey around the world”  Carol S.

From Arcadia Praxis Clinic:

"We have now the feeling that we have got some tools for life, and it's all thanks to these factors. So, thank you one more time: the value of the work you are doing cannot be measured in dollars or euros! "      Elizabeth

About Kathryn's Livestream Workshop:

"I just want to thank you SO MUCH for today! I have tried many times to meditate…and I seem to have a difficult time “connecting”. Today…your soft voice…the imagery….it was amazing. I had so many tears flowing. My visual was so intense, I could see Jesus, a heart glowing in the box. It was sincerely a life-changing moment for me.

Thank you so so much!"  Rachael A

"Wonderful meeting you online today with Rad Remissions.  I was moved by your story and loved the meditation." Lori R

"Very impressed with your personal story, which I knew more or less, but especially with the acceptance with which you live your life and the calm way you have. I had already done this meditation with you, but it was very powerful this time.

I was so relaxed and got: a heart!"        Veerle D.

"You were magnificent yesterday! I was so happy to see you, and as always happy to hear your words of wisdom. Looking forward to being in the same room! Thank you so much.  Keep that light shining!" Chris C.

"You were so REAL with your story and relaxed as a speaker. You helped facilitate a lot of healing imagery for so many! You were great with timing! Bravo! You were very compassionate and present for the feedback too."  Caryn M.

"How wonderful to see you on the Livestream today!  I had never heard your story before, and I was so moved by it.  I'm certain everyone else felt the same way.  As you know, the meditation touched a lot of people deeply too.  I loved hearing about the experiences that people shared afterward."  Andrea S.