Wisdom + Wellness Integrative Cancer Symposium

An Integrative Cancer Symposium for patients who want to heal from cancer or thrive with it, as well as for health professionals, advocates, and caregivers. Our focus is on evidence-based research and demonstrated results, using integrative medicine and natural healing protocols.

The Radical Remission Project is a close look at remission stories and what was typically missing from the 1,000+ remission cases published in medical journals – 1) the survivors themselves, and 2) alternative healers. 

Arcadia Praxis Clinic

Arcadia-Praxisklinik is specialized in cancer treatments with the strongest and most effective protocols from experience based, naturopathic and complementary medicine in combination with individually tailored components from modern evidence based oncology

Omega Institute

Omega’s workshops, conferences, and retreats aim to create dialogues on the integration of modern medicine and natural healing; connect science, spirituality, and creativity; and build the groundwork for new traditions and lifestyles.

Annie Appleseed Foundation

The Annie Appleseed Project challenges the existing treatment paradigm and questions the existing research methods and subjects. It proposes new directions for both, ending with true Integrative Oncology. 

Dr. Yvette Whitton, ND  Adonai Optimal Health and Wellness in Madison, Connecticut

Dr. Yvette Whitton, ND, has been a frequent and well-received guest expert at our retreats. She founded Adonai Optimal Health and Wellness, an Integrative Wellness Facility located in Madison, Connecticut. 

Ken Robertson

Trained in Shiatsu and Cranialsacral Therapy, his work is energetically based with a focus on grounding, balancing, and centering, as well as activating the body's own healing capacity. 

Debby Stein

Debby is a certified Reiki Master and trained in Healing Touch techniques.  Energy Therapy is a method of altering the body’s energy system to influence self-healing, restore and balance the human energy system.  

Min Green

Min has certifications in Biofield Tuning, Healing Touch, Integrative Health Coaching. Through Min’s holistic approach, clients access desirable, sustainable shifts in their energetic systems, creating new pathways to vitality, balance, clarity, and joy.